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Our customer's are achieving fabulous wellness results from using Life FX Living Water Droplets. Using Living Water, Structured water, H302, Pure water can enhance wellness and wellbeing.

Here's what some of our customers are saying about Life FX Living Water Droplets...

Customer love from Katelyn Byron

"As a hiker LifeFX has been a huge game changer for me. I have noticed a significant increase in my hydration levels and my water quality. Beyond this I feel energised, clear and uplifted on a deeper level. My heart feels open and my cells feel alive!!!"

-Katelyn Byron

"LifeFX Living Water Droplets was the missing ingredient in my wellness regime. After a short time of using The Droplets, I felt a great enhancement in my overall well-being. I love The Droplets and will certainly be recommending them to my clients."

-Sahara Valastro, Naturopath
LifeFx Customer Love - Jordi testimonial

"Zhara gave me a bottle of LifeFX Living Water Droplets a few weeks ago. I'm half way through my season now. I started using it during the week during training and before games. I've noticed huge differences. Essentially, I used to cramp a lot especially in my legs after every game. Ever since I've started taking LifeFX Water, I have not cramped. Not one bit."

-Jordi, The North Gold Coast Seahawks
Life FX Living Water Customer love from Kiora O’Gaia

“I absolutely love LifeFX Living Water Droplets. I feel so happy knowing my family and I have the best option for hydration and purity available. This is on the back of my research regarding water purification for the last 30 years.”

-Kiora O’Gaia
Life FX Living Water Customer love from Sophia

“A good friend gifted me this product some months ago, and I’ve got to say it’s become an absolute non-negotiable staple in my daily flow... I would (and do) highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to nurture and care for their body in a deep way.”

-Sophia R.
Life FX Living Water Customer love from Sarah Reid

“I am hydrated now! Before I started drinking water restored with LifeFX Living Water Droplets, about 4 months ago, I used to wake up at night feeling so thirsty and this happened during the day as well. I wasn't ever feeling hydrated. That doesn't happen anymore. Except that my husband filled up our water the other day and didn't put my Droplets in it, and I woke up two nights in a row, feeling dehydrated. Tank water is really missing what LifeFX Living Water Droplets puts in there.”

-Sarah Reid

“At Movement Monk we're all about loving the body you live in to expand physical freedom. As the body is predominantly water ... it's important for us to get the best quality we can, to support the body to thrive not just survive. That's why we use LifeFX.” -

Benny Fergusson, Movement Monk Founder
Life FX Living Water Customer love from Kristy Shore

“During my first day with LifeFX Living Water Droplets...I felt so open, happy and connected. I have had this intensely wonderful experience before but that was after a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat.”

-Kristy Shore
Life FX Living Water Customer love from Maggie Golightly

“I love drinking water transformed with LifeFX Living Water Droplets...I have a spring in my step!”

-Maggie Golightly
Sustainable Living Workshops
Life FX Living Water Customer love from Nicky E

"My dad came over with his dog Bluey today. Bluey LOVED the water. He drank a big dish full and kept going back for more. We were all just shocked saying, LOOK AT HIM GO!"

-Nicky E.
Life FX Living Water Customer love from Nicola Kamau

“My level of everyday awareness has increased. I attribute LifeFX Living Water Droplets as the vehicle that enhances the depth and intensity of the beautiful feelings during meditation and breath practices."

-Nicola Kamau
Life FX Living Water Customer love from Sequoia Haskell

“I can absolutely say LifeFX Living Water Droplets are life changing.”              

-Sequoia Haskell
Clairvoyant Life Coach
Life FX Living Water Customer love from Sequoia Haskell

“When you drink water, a lot of times you just feel it going down your throat. With LifeFX Living Water Droplets, I can actually feel the coolness going into the cells of my throat. It’s amazing!”

-Natalie Dougherty
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Our Living Water Droplets are available in a handy traveller size, solo starter size, pantry and family sizes.

Simply add 1 ml of LifeFX Living Water Droplets to 1 litre of your current drinking water. With tap water add 2 ml per litre.

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