Frequencies to Unlock the Heart & Creator Potential

The sacred energetic and sound frequencies infused within LifeFX Living Water Droplets are run by Zhara Mahlstedt.  Zhara is an activator, an avatar and sits on the dimensional planes known as the space in between. Her job is to guide you back here - Home.   

Zhara sits in these planes and directs energy through her body and her voice to impact the nature of reality around her. Zhara is able to shift static energy, fill holes in voids and ensure the frequency of the Divine Creator is encoded in any area that she touches. 

Zhara harnesses the tones and sounds of the Great Words that gave rise to Life, the codes of Creation and activates the energy of the manifest world around her. Zhara uses the Creator capacity that she has embodied to influence the frequency of LifeFX Living Water Droplets so that they meet you where you are at. They meet you in the space in between and ask you to come Home, to your Heart, to your Ever Eternal Essence of Self.

You can read more about Zhara here

Reawakening The Heart

The primordial fields of creation are the space in between. They are where all manifestation exists and nothing at all. It is the Void. The Great Nothingness where all creation arises from. This is the very essence of the God Force that lies within each cell of our body.   

This is the space that LifeFX Living Water returns you to. It allows you to access the space in between when you are ready, when it is your time to ascend. There is work to be done on your part though. You must purge the emotions, the toxic thought forms, the behaviours, the untrue beliefs and the negative thought patterns from your processing system. LifeFX will help.   

It will allow you to access deep within the recesses of the body that have not been touched for eons. Where the codes and the programs to create the story of your life have been stored.

The codes of life that are infused within these waters are able to reach these recesses unlike anything imaginable.

They go straight to the HEART of the matter.

The codes, the frequencies, the sound waves embedded in LifeFX activate the space that resides within your HEART, and in this you can thrive.

You have the potential to return the body to its innate life force, to its innate glory. Now, this will not happen for all of you. This will only happen for those who are ready to take on this monumental task. It will happen for the ones who are ready to be the witness, the observer to the human form. To the thoughts, the emotions, the spaces that arise that are “unjust”, “unfair”.   

The innate potential of this human form will be returned to those who are ready to lay down the blame and face the truth head on -that you truly are the Creator of your reality. Every single second, Every single moment of your existence is only because of YOU. No one else has done anything to you, has made any contracts that you must follow or has any power over you.

Every single moment of your life has been your choice so that you may restore the innate potential within. You created the road you walk on, to guide yourself Home.  You are the Creator Being. You are the Creator Force, You are the incarnation of the Christ Consciousness, which his nothing less than the one and only God Force that resides within each and every one of us.

The ones that will use this product and thrive are the ones that are ready to reclaim their innate power, their innate glory, their innate remembrance. They are the ones who are ready to be the change they want to see in the world. They are the ones who are ready to lay down their swords and say, hey, this world  is truly a reflection of me. Every single moment of my life is truly a reflection of my Eternal Greatness. And in this, I will be the change that I would like to see in the world. And in this, I will be the change required to show my people the way Home.

The ones who will most benefit from LifeFX Living Water are the ones who will see you as another version of themselves and they will not blame, they will not point fingers, they will not be anything other than the true expression of God Consciousness, which is to understand that they are truly the Creator in every way shape and form.

This is who LifeFX Living Water is truly for.   

It is for those who are ready to find their way Home, to the Heart and the spaces in between. For the Heart is the doorway and your Creator capacity are your keys to find the Kingdom of Heaven that lie within.  Your Story that you are the Infinite Creator, the compass direction to lead you on the path of no return, the path to restore the greatest invention of all time - the Divine innate blueprint of the human existence - which is nothing less than the power of the God Source Creator himself.

This is YOU.

And the ones that find LifeFX Living Water Droplets and thrive, the ones that find LifeFX Living Water and use it to its full potential… these are the ones that know their innate power resides within them and look nowhere else for direction other than themselves.

To learn more about Zhara’s work and the frequencies she runs, visit her at reunitingwithyou.com.