Gigi, LifeFX Ambassador

Gigi is a holistic healer, model and spokesperson with a mission to "heal thy heart". She expresses this by living and sharing a lifestyle in harmony with nature. Gigi loves to share nature’s wisdom in natural healing treatments, workshops, lifestyle support and catering. She is a highly intuitive bodyworker and energetic healer who unequivocally embodies the frequencies of unconditional love. Gigi is touched by humanitarian projects and the presence of conscious living. Through her own journey of healing, she was lead to LifeFX Living Water and is in full support of our mission of restoring the Living Waters.

Why is water is important to you?

"Water is life, without water we can’t survive. Knowing this and appreciating the importance of it with gratitude and blessings. As the water flows, it absorbs those frequencies, and so do I."

Why do you use LifeFX Living Water Droplets?

"When I first started using LifeFX Living Water Droplets, I had too much aluminium in my body. LifeFX came to me at the right time, with the opportunity to cleanse the heavy metals out of my system.

I was curious to see how drinking Living Water would support my system. I tested my aluminium levels with hair analysis. After 3 months drinking Living Water treated with LifeFX, the heavy metals were cleared and my body felt balanced." 

What have you noticed since drinking Living Water? How do you feel? 

"I feel alive, healthy, hydrated and in a state of high frequency."

You can connect with Gigi through www.gigiindigo.com or www.aumitao.com 



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Simply add 1 ml of LifeFX Living Water Droplets to 1 litre of your current drinking water. With tap water add 2 ml per litre.

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