The Infinite Creator Calls
The Infinite Creator Calls
The Infinite Creator Calls
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The Infinite Creator Calls

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Weekly Activations for Your Evolutionary Journey With Zhara, Custodian and Founder of LifeFX.

The Infinite Creator Calls are held live every Tuesday evening 7:30 pm - 8:20 pm AEST. (Brisbane, Australia) 

Join The Infinite Creator Calls anytime and be debited on a recurring weekly basis. You may cancel at anytime.


Weekly live group calls (or via recording) hosted by Zhara in English as well as The Codes of Creation (a form of light language) calling in the fullness of the soul’s expression as well as assistance in moving through the walls of the past.

We will meet online for 50 minutes every week through Zoom to broaden our understanding of the Self and allow the new energies arriving on Earth to penetrate the cellular structure allowing us the space to more rapidly return Home, to the Everlasting Halls of Creation, located within the Self. 

Each weekly call may be formatted differently depending on the energy and dynamic of the group. The calls are a space for you to be present, to enjoy the energetic layers shifting and to broaden your awareness of what it means to be on an Ascension Timeline. 

Upon joining, you will be added to a  Telegram chat in which you can communicate with the group to form a network of support with others who are on this evolutionary journey Home.  

In addition to the weekly group calls, within Telegram Zhara will answer your questions to assist your process as the codes that she offers do have a potent resonance in which old crumbles to make way for the new.  Support is a handy tool to have. 

You will also be given suggestions to implement to accelerate your process and ensure it goes with as much ease, grace and joy as humanly possible. 

The Only Prerequisite:  You are on the path of Self-Responsibility. You are taking full responsibility for everything you see in your manifest creation. You have let go or are letting go of blame and judgment. You know that what you see and experience in your manifest reality is a direct reflection of your hologram, your inner and outer templates.

You know that YOU created this everlasting expression of Self to experience the highs and the lows, the pains and the joys, the beauty and the deceit…. You came to experience it all to find your way Home. 

Every Tuesday 7:30 pm - 8:20 pm AEST (Brisbane, QLD, Australia)  or at your leisure via recording. 



Zhara has been on an evolutionary journey since birth to land her in the position to receive The Codes of Creation. Through Divine Intervention she received a burst of light energy at the age of 39. It activated the dormant DNA within her system and allowed her Eternal Self’s presence to be sparked into this existence.

An activator and an avatar, Zhara sits on the dimensional planes she knows as “the space in between”.  Her job is to guide you back here - Home.   

She sits in these planes and directs energy through her body and her voice to impact the nature of reality around her. Zhara is able to shift static energy, fill holes in voids and ensure the frequency of the Divine Creator is encoded in any area that she touches. 

Zhara harnesses the tones and sounds of the Great Words that gave rise to Life, the Codes of Creation and activates the energy of the manifest world around her, including in the physical and etheric templates.

When you work with Zhara, she sees you for YOU. Beyond time and space, she recognises the Essence, the spark of who YOU are and calls this forth. 

You can read more about Zhara and her journey here


Please ensure you register your email address and phone number upon check-out. The details of your call and recordings will be emailed to you upon purchase and reminders sent via SMS. 

If your time zone doesn’t facilitate the current times of the calls, you are welcome to join and we’ll send you a recording in lieu of being on the call live. The energy and transmission will still be received. 

Join The Infinite Creator Calls and be debited on a recurring weekly basis. You may cancel at anytime.

If you would like to join these calls, but feel limited by financial means, please reach out via email, zhara@reunitingwithyou.com, to discuss alternative exchange. 

Alternatively, if you are in the position to support someone in their evolutionary journey with a subscription gift, please reach out. 

It’s recommended to begin your journey with LifeFX Living Water Droplets to enhance the potency of the cellular structure in which all life arises.