Awakening the Waters of the Soul

Awaken to your divinity… the answer is in the water.
I have been receiving information for some time now from the primordial fields of creation, or the space in between. It is here where all information lies and where it can be changed at will. 
It is at best, a hallmark of all of humankind’s events throughout known and unknown history. 
It shares with me information about our own individuated race as well as other galactic empires. Mankind is not alone in our journey to the stars, and the human race is about to wake up to this.
However, there is a template that requires altering. When the Earth’s grids were harnessed a long, long time ago. Let’s just say, eons ago, there was a frequency fence inbuilt within the water streams...the water streams of this planet and also in body and soul of the human being.
It is how a slave class was established and how the original intent for mankind’s genome was overridden. 
Water represents so much more than liquid, solid, vapor, or ice. It is a living representation of the soul’s work, which is to relocate its original flow as the original Source.
We are an organism functioning as highly diverse individuated beings, living individuated lives. But we are still an organism of One.
Water is here to remind us of Earth's grids, but also our own. As we set into motion events in our lives, we either go against or with the flow of energy that is our soul’s intent.
Our soul is a powerful stream and force itself, as it houses each and every mechanism for mankind’s arrival. That is, mankind is about to step out of the birth blueprint and move back to the original genetic coding destined for the species. 
Each soul has a particular aspect to retrieve here on the Earth plane. You may not be ready for it just yet, or you may already be in full force with the process.
The soul wants to regain its innate truth - that it is One with the truth of all existence. It is whole. It is not divided, and it is a living representation of the original first eternal Source. In this, it knows it is all things, and it can return to the initial birthplace of creation at all times.
When a being on the Earth plane is able to make that jump out of linear reality into the infinite world of possibilities, timelines alter at his or her wish.
This is key for turning the tide on this planet. 
LifeFX has been created as a fast-track awakening tool for the human form and the soul. LifeFX purifies, remineralises and restores water to its innate form, but its real gift lies within its frequencies. They clear the frequency fence from the human form, but it’s up to you to show up.
Thoughts, emotions, shadows… bring them to light and begin to consciously choose what it is you want to see in your own life and that of the world around you.
Most of us have been operating on default as to what we create, but it’s time to take back the power of our individuated and collective tide.
For most, the process of awakening is not an easy journey. You have to stare every aspect of the Self in the face and get to know it. This is the true step back to sovereign creation and freeing humanity from the slave race status that it has held.
The waters are awakening my friends…
Use your power wisely.
Ku sia tai ah, 
Zhara J. Mahlstedt