Customer Love

Here is a sampling of customer feedback that we have received over the years. As a reminder, LifeFX’s function is to purify water so that you can do you. 


I've been using LifeFX Water Droplets since I met Zhara at the markets at the beginning of the year. I get a bit of a thrill when I see the gunk at the bottom of my glass water dispensers (7 of them lined up on the shelf) knowing I am only drinking off the top. I feel cleaner, clearer and as the months go by I look back and recognize the changes. I am beyond grateful for having this product in my life.

-Bronwyn Russell, NSW, Australia


My dad came over with his dog Bluey today. Bluey LOVED the water. He drank a big dish full and kept going back for more. We were all just shocked saying, LOOK AT HIM GO!

-Nicky E., QLD, Australia


LifeFX Living Water is something else! The water feels like silk and is so much more hydrating than other water, even filtered rainwater. I can feel the cells in my body come alive when I drink this water.

-Genevieve Claire Searle, The Optimisation Queen 


I absolutely love LifeFX. I rely on it all day to purify the water I use for cooking and drinking. I feel so happy that I can trust the cleansing process of the mineral and absolutely stoked it supplies my body with minerals and cleanses my body at the same time WOW! After 40 yrs of using water purifiers I think LifeFX is the absolute best. 

- Kiora O., Australia


A very dear friend came to visit me, I was feeling very emotional from an intense dream I had experienced in the night. I was drinking from his water bottle which was infused with the LifeFX droplets, immediately after drinking the water I began to cry very intensely, and then began releasing emotionally by burping very loudly for about 20 minutes.

I was quite surprised at how quick this release was enabled by drinking the water, I hadn’t had an emotional release like this for a very long time.

I said to my friend … “I need to get some of these drops, and take them regularly”

Ten days later I was sitting with Zhara, and my friend in a café in Mullumbimby. I drank a glass of water infused with the LifeFX droplets for the second time. Immediately and I mean straight away

+ I felt my body doing an energetic shaking kind of movement,                                               then I felt the energy in my base and sacral chakras being activated                     there was an upbeat dance music playing and I wanted to get up and dance, on the spot, I havn’t danced for a long time ….. or felt such an urge to dance and move                                                                                     

+ so after all these surprising felt reactions ….. I began burping very loudly and strongly which I experience as releasing stuck energy, emotions, stale old air, blocked emotions etc …. It doesn’t concern me at all because I have experienced this reaction many many times before

+ The next thing was I felt really chilled out and calm and peaceful, like I could simply close my eyes and lay down and go to sleep somewhere.

+ I walked my dog on the beach and actually had a feeling / experience of being slightly stoned, like really being in the present moment and not having anything in the world to be concerned about, like everything is simply fine and easy going. Not being in the mind and busy thinking about things.

+ Now I am taking the drops daily and have noticed the level of tiredness / needing to take naps during the day has changed, I have more energy during the day and also more enthusiasm and that feels really positive and makes me feel happy.

Deva Kirin Crittle, Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia


I am a sensitive person who has been on my spirtual awareness journey for most of my life. I have practiced many modalities , from yoga to a number of meditation forms and deeply explored crystal resonance therapy, to the point of becoming a qualified crystal therapist. 

A month ago I met Zhara Mahlstedt and was introduced to LifeFX, as an additive to my drinking water. Immeditately I noticed a fresh and appealing improvement of flavour in my ceramic filtered rain water.

Suddenly it was my pleasure to drink at least 2 litres a day, rather than a chore. As a daily meditator, I experience many deep inner visions in my meditations. Within a few days of using LifeFX I became aware of a beautiful golden light coming down from high above, that easily entered my crown chakra and flowed down right through my chakra column.

This golden light was then observed to be energising all my cells, with its exquisite golden hue. To me, this was clearly “The Golden God Ray” that was and is continuing to build and expand my sense of becoming energised and vibrated higher, from my daily intake of this profound power, inherent in the LifeFX additive. My physical wellbeing which is already pretty electric from my daily practice of eating raw fresh organic food, has definitely heightened as well. I am now recommending LifeFX to all my spiritually focused  friends.

- Mello Edwards, NSW, Australia


I have been using LifeFX personally for 18 months and have implemented LifeFX in my studio for the last 8 months both for drinking water and in our 500L hot and cold plunge pools.

Firstly, I need to fully believe in a product before I use and stock for purchase. So having already used LifeFX for 10 months with huge satisfaction, I gratefully spoke to Zhara about rolling out into Recovery Lab.

Secondly, having a product that aligns to my values in regards to lowering toxicity in the environment and what the body is exposed to was a no brainer. Being able to reduce toxicity chemicals in plunge pools was highly appealing.

For me personally, I experience a more hydrated body and my body moving through any feelings of sickness much quicker than without.

On a spiritual/energetic plane I have tangibly experienced more rapid manifestation of thought into material.

With using this product at Recovery Lab, I am witnessing first hand health and consciousness shifts in our members.

Drinking this water and plunging in these baths is creating ripples. 

At a business level we’ve sold 30+ bottles over the last 8 months adding valuable business income and increasing the value per member.

 – Luke Salmon, Manager Recovery Lab, Bundall


I'm half way through my season now. I started using it during the week during training and before games. I've noticed huge differences. Essentially, I used to cramp a lot especially in my legs after every game. Ever since I've started taking LifeFX Water, I have not cramped. Not one bit.

-Jordi, The North Gold Coast Seahawks


As a hiker LifeFX has been a huge game changer for me. I have noticed a significant increase in my hydration levels and my water quality. Beyond this I feel energised, clear and uplifted on a deeper level. My heart feels open and my cells feel alive!!!

-Katelyn Byron, Craniosacral Therapist & Natural World Facilitator


We’re extremely grateful for the work you do, Zhara. Thank you for LifeFX and the clearly noticeable difference the droplets make. We definitely feel the difference, and as a mum, it’s a great indicator for me to know that our boys are drinking enough water (I love seeing the empty bottles lined up ready to be refilled 😊)

- Sarah, Currumbin, QLD


LifeFX Living Water Droplets was the missing ingredient in my wellness regime. After a short time of using The Droplets, I felt a great enhancement in my overall well-being. I love The Droplets and will certainly be recommending them to my clients.

-Sahara Valastro, Naturopath and Women’s Womb Health


I watched many people during the floods open their hearts and recover from intense trauma.

-Emily Chamberlain, Naturopath and Clinicial Herbalist, Murwillumbah, NSW


I've had such a huge shift in energy. I've gone from feeling tired upon waking and low energy all day to full of energy and motivated within one day of adding the drops to my filtered drinking water. It's like a switch has been turned on inside me.

 -Kathryn W., QLD, Australia 


A very trustworthy company with a highly valuable product. The difference with adding the droplets is phenomenal. I recommend them to all my clients, friends, and family. 

 -Natasha Godfrey, Naturopath


I’ve been on LifeFX for about 8 months now…I have noticed I have more energy and feel clearer in my head. I feel more alive!!!

-Angela S., NSW


A good friend gifted me this product some months ago, and I’ve got to say it’s become an absolute non-negotiable staple in my daily flow... I would (and do) highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to nurture and care for their body in a deep way.

-Sophia R., NSW, Australia


LifeFX is the key to enhancing the Spirit of Water. At my recent retreat, all the participants received ceramic filtered rain water with the recommended dose of LifeFX freely available through the two and a half days of live-in teachings and sharing. Therapeutic yoga, dance, qi-gong, as well as several powerful guided meditation practices were taught. 

I have taught all of these modalities a number of times before, BUT NEVER WITH LIFEFX readily available. 

The joyful responses, the deep immersions, and the obvious shifts in emotions, spiritual understanding, and presence was clearly the case for each and every participant. 

In short, I am sure the LifeFX magnified everyone’s capacity to dive deep and truly incorporate these powerful modalities into their lives from now on. 

There was another experience from the retreat that really has to be shared, as it is truly profound, and beyond normal explanation. On the last day the final process in the upstairs yoga/meditation room was to do a rotation of everyone having a turn on the massage tale with all the others placing their hands upon the central person, for a space of 10 minutes each, while meditation music was playing. What magnified that process, was that everyone was blindfolded for the whole experience. 

The point I wish to mention is that my partner had a distinctive water bottle with a narrow neck and elaborate patterns on it. 

She took it up to the room with her to do that process, but could not find it afterwards. This is a room with no furniture, just yoga mats. 

We both checked again after everyone had gone home and still no sign of it all the next day. 

I went up to that room to meditate on the early morning of the second day after retreat, and there was her bottle in the centre of the room. It had reappeared!!!!

-Mello Edwards, NSW, Australia


Each time I add LifeFX to my water, it is an act of self-care and self-love, an affirmation that my body is a sacred temple and that I am choosing to care for it as such. 

-Julian R., QLD, Australia


I am hydrated now! Before I started drinking water restored with LifeFX Living Water Droplets, about 4 months ago, I used to wake up at night feeling so thirsty and this happened during the day as well. I wasn't ever feeling hydrated. That doesn't happen anymore. Except that my husband filled up our water the other day and didn't put my Droplets in it, and I woke up two nights in a row, feeling dehydrated. Tank water is really missing what LifeFX Living Water Droplets puts in there.

-Sarah Reid, QLD, Australia


During my first day with LifeFX Living Water Droplets...I felt so open, happy and connected. I have had this intensely wonderful experience before but that was after a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat.

-Kristy Shore, NSW, Australia 


When you drink water, a lot of times you just feel it going down your throat. With LifeFX Living Water Droplets, I can actually feel the coolness going into the cells of my throat. It’s amazing!

-Natalie Dougherty, South Africa


I have noticed a big difference in my energy & hydration levels since using LifeFX Living Water Droplets while breastfeeding. As a mother, I am happy knowing that my toddler is drinking clean water with no toxins. 

I’ve also noticed that the darkness underneath my eyes has become lighter and my skin over all feels softer.

-Natalie Sica, NSW, Australia


The vet gave our goat, Rosie, 24 hours to live. Intuitively, I gave her LifeFX, and she made a miraculous recovery.

-Natalie Sica, NSW, Australia


At Movement Monk we're all about loving the body you live in to expand physical freedom. As the body is predominantly water ... it's important for us to get the best quality we can, to support the body to thrive not just survive. That's why we use LifeFX.

-Benny Ferguson, Movement Monk Founder, www.movementmonk.xyz


I experienced a cloud being removed from around my head. I had full clarity, openness, and vision. 

-Nike J., QLD, Australia 


We have so much appreciation for our valued customers, including those who have shared their experiences cleansing their waters with LifeFX.  

Ku sia tai ah. Thank you.

If you feel compelled to share your feedback, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us at connect@lifefxlivingwater.com.