Brand Mission

This brand was born from a passion to assist mankind in coming up to speed with what it means to be fully alive. 

LifeFX Living Water Droplets is a co-creative endeavour with the Universe as One and a team of inter-dimensional beings who are expressly interested in restoring mankind’s free will choice and ending this era of slavery.

The way to approach this endeavour, of breaking the bonds and chains that have held mankind in silence and re-awaken life encoded within the cell, is to first address the issues within the water column.

This is the column of water that rests within the glass, the spinal column, and the sacred flow of energy that breathes life eternal into the external. 

Water has been used as a force against nature, not for it, as was originally designed. 

While restoring the sovereignty to the cell is the first and foremost intent, the water streams of the physical world, the thought forms, and emotions must all be addressed. 

The bottom line, brass tacks, easiest way to accomplish all three is to educate people on their own innate ability to seek guidance within the water streams and energy currents of all life. 

Water is an innately gifted medium, for it shows us past, present, and future all at one time. You can program water for a nation to stay in slavery, or you can program it so that the same nation wakes up. 

We, the humanity nations as One, are in the process of programming it to awaken the masses, and you can help. 

Serve your Self first.  Address the awakening of the waters in your own way. Seek solace and isolation in nature so that the wisdom of your own cellular state begins to speak freely again. 

Bathe in nature’s gifts - the lakes, the rivers, the streams, and the oceans of life. While, yes, these are all here manifest in present form, they are also the energy fields that course through your veins. These bodies of water reside internally and also across time and space. 

This is time eternal. 

When we look at water, we must look at its ability to co-create on all dimensional wavelengths. Water behaves in particle and wave form, and it’s up to you to distinguish between each.

This is a lesson in discernment itself, as when we come back to the innate essence of water, all of life falls at our feet. The mysteries of the Universe become revealed as we begin to tell time from not the past or present, but what the future has in store.

The future is speaking to us. It sees a society that is awakened from its slave state, where corporatocracy has ceased to envelop nations and the living being is treated as the sovereign individual that he/she is.

While there are many steps on this journey, and we are not doing it alone, it will take each of us to make this transition that is about to give rise to new life. 

LifeFX Living Water Droplets is here to support this rise, where people and planet awaken and find their own individuated way through conscious ascent. 

As you care for your waters, may you see them as the eternal streams of life, beautifully positioned to co-create with you, every step of the way. 

May you honour the co-creators in your life and those unspoken, for the ancestors do guide our every step. 

Kai ah siu ta sia tai ah. 

May your waters be eternally blessed. 

-Zhara J. Mahlstedt, Psychic Channel & Founder of LifeFX Living Water Droplets

*You can go deeper with Zhara’s work at www.zharajmahlstedt.com or on her podcasts Reigniting the Soul’s Spark and The Dragon Diaries on most podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Youtube.