Our Team

Quite simply, we are here to do a job. We are here to restore the Living Waters to the planet and its people.


You are volumetrically 70% water and leading-edge research shows that you are 99% molecularly water. Your body, the vehicle that carries you throughout your life on Earth, is mostly WATER.

WATER IS LIFE.  And the majority of us go about our days forgetting this or were born into a location in the world where the knowledge of this is all too present as a dire reality.

And many of us, through lack of education, are drinking what is on offer through our taps, without knowing that the water not only has zero life force, but that it is carrying harmful contaminants such as fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and viral matter.

Or we buy a filter and we think this is the answer to great water. A step in the right direction, but again, lack of education.

And we wonder why as a population we are sick. Yes, there are many factors including the emotional and spiritual components, however we have to address one of the core physical elements. The foundation of the human body. WATER.

LifeFX Living Water Droplets are far from just a product. LifeFX Water is not just a business. This is a mission.

And now is the time. To ensure that Living Water is available to the People.

Because I have a burning message that arises from deep within… that I hear every day… . Get this to the People.   And every ounce of my being is on board – my heart, my soul, my spirit.

Because I look at the reality of the water sources that the people, animals and plants are drinking, and it is not good enough. Not just in developing countries, but right here at home.

We have got to go beyond survival in these wild times.  And because they are wild times, we have got to aim higher.

Let The People Thrive.

With Love,

Zhara Mahlstedt
LifeFX Water Custodian