How LifeFX Living Water Works

LifeFX Living Water Droplets are a game-changing, frequency enhancing all-natural ionic, crystalline mineral formula that restores your current drinking water to Living Water.


Currently the majority of the world is drinking "dead" or "bulk" water. Water that does not have life force, that is loaded with toxins and is not hydrating no matter how much you drink.

This can be true even with filtered, spring, alkaline or bottled water! 

LifeFX Living Water Droplets is lovingly formulated to combine a potent source of ionic crystalline minerals with transformative energetic frequencies including sound.

Studies have demonstrated that sound affects matter. The sound frequencies infused within LifeFX Living Water Droplets have been said to open the heart, to lift the Spirit and to facilitate some into a greater state of conscious awareness. 

The result is a lovingly, intentionally produced solution that naturally excludes toxins, restores the life force and enhances the frequency of your water. 

Rest assured knowing you and your loved ones are drinking high frequency, ultra-pure, ultra-hydrating living Living Water, Structured Water, Pure water loving water.

BECAUSE YOU ARE WATER. And it's time to flow.


What is Living Water? 

Living Water occurs when the UV spectrum of 270nm absorbance value is 1 or greater. The more water that absorbs this light, the higher the presence of Living Water. 

LifeFX Living Water Droplets has been independently lab tested to show its UV Spectrum of 270 nm absorbance, has a value greater than 5.

99.99% of filtered, alkaline, spring, tap, rain and bottled water do not rate as Living Water, which is also known as the 4th phase of water, H3O2, structured water and EZ (Exclusion Zone) water.

Although in its infancy; progressive research shows that Living Water contains properties of water in both liquid and ice form. And this form of Living Water is naturally ultra-hydrating and ultra-pure, while eradicating or reducing toxic contaminants. 


Living Water occurs when the UV spectrum of 270nm absorbance value is 1 or greater.

How Can You Tell it is Living Water? 

Toxic Nasties No More! It is easy to see LifeFX Living Water Droplets at work. Because Living Water naturally excludes dissolved solids from the water molecules, you may see a yellow sediment at the bottom of your glass, bottle or water dispenser 24-72 hours after combining LifeFX Living Water Droplets with your current drinking water.

The former toxic nasties (think heavy metals, fluoride, chemicals, VOCs, pharmaceuticals etc) that have appeared at the bottom of your container are now inert. 

Hydration  An increased feeling of hydration is commonplace when one begins to use LifeFX Living Water Droplets.  Many of those who begin to drink water treated with LifeFX Living Water Droplets, find it hard to drink any other water because their bodies are finally receiving the hydration they were missing.

It is important to note that when there is an increase of hydration, detoxification occurs. Detoxification is a natural and necessary part of living well.    

Why is Living Water Important? 

Current leading edge research shows over 99% of our molecules are water!  And the average human body is around 70% water by volume!  We are water and quality matters! 

We see Living Water as one foundational element for fast tracking a holistic approach to thriving as a healthy human being.

The nutrients, exercise, training, meditation and self-care practices that we each choose have a more potent springboard for achieving optimal results when Living Water is the foundation.

Living water is contained in the world’s ancient healing springs

Where is Living Water Found in Nature?

Living water is contained in the world’s ancient healing springs and remote areas on Earth, such as around the volcanic sulphate vents at the bottom of the ocean floor.

Water’s Role in Your Body

Water plays a major role in almost every bodily function, such as lubricating and cushioning joints, assisting clear and focused brain function, regulating body temperature, eliminating bodily waste, and as a component of anti-aging by keeping skin soft and youthful.

Water is vital for the proper absorption of nutrients, for strengthening our immune system and staving off illness.

Peak athletic physical function and exercising at a level where we can perspire up to 10% of our body weight means that adequate hydration is also necessary for strength, endurance, and power.

Clearly, water is a vital human requirement, and quality does matter. 

Buy Life FX Living Water Droplets

Our Living Water Droplets are available in a handy traveller size, solo starter size, pantry and family sizes.

Simply add 1 ml of LifeFX Living Water Droplets to 1 litre of your current drinking water. With tap water add 2 ml per litre.

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