What is Living Water?

Living water is also known as the 4th phase of water, H3O2, structured water and EZ (Exclusion Zone) water. Researchers are coming to a new understanding of what water actually is. 

Although in its infancy; progressive research shows that living water (aka H3O2, structured, EZ or 4th phase water) contains properties of water in both liquid and ice form. And this form of Living Water is naturally ultra-hydrating and ultra-pure, while eradicating or reducing toxic contaminants. 

Where is Living Water Found in Nature?

Living water is contained in the world’s ancient healing springs and remote areas on Earth, such as around the volcanic sulphate vents at the bottom of the ocean floor.

How Do You Know it is Living Water? 

Living Water occurs when the UV spectrum of 270nm absorbance value is 1 or greater. The more water that absorbs this light, the higher the presence of Living Water. 

LifeFX Living Water Droplets has been independently lab tested to show its UV Spectrum of 270 nm absorbance, has a value greater than 5.

Why is Living Water Important? 

We see Living Water as one foundational element for fast tracking a holistic approach to thriving as a healthy human being. The nutrients, exercise, training, meditation and self-care practices that we each choose have a more potent springboard for achieving optimal results when Living Water is the foundation.

The LifeFX Living Water Droplets Difference

Humans have found a few ways to mimic this phase of water, including vortex devices and electric current. 

LifeFX Living Water Droplets differ in that the primordial power of a unique source of ionic, crystalline minerals is restoring your drinking water - as nature intended.

Water carries a frequency of energy that surrounds it. LifeFX Living Water Droplets harness the primordial power of sound frequencies and ionic, crystalline minerals to restore your current drinking water to high frequency, ultra-pure, ultra-hydrating living, (heart) loving water.