About LifeFX Living Water

 LifeFX Living Water Droplets are a ground-breaking formula of ionic, crystalline minerals (electrolytes) that remineralise, revitalise and recharge any drinking water into Living Water.


LifeFX Living Water Minerals combine a potent source of ionic crystalline minerals with transformative energetic frequencies. These Minerals are not in isolated form, they are nature’s selection of primordial organic compounds from a naturally occurring, unadulterated source.
Nature has a way of ensuring that the minerals in water have life-sustaining energy. LifeFX Living Water droplets are nature’s gift. They contain over 80 trace minerals that work synergistically with nature’s primordial power to remineralise, purify and enhance any fresh water source, transforming it to Living Water.

Due to the electric charge they carry, LifeFX Living Water Droplets are a great source of electrolytes, which are known to assist with hydration. 

Minerals and water have a symbiotic relationship. Every living organism receives instructions for life through the delivery of energy, frequency and information via the coupling of minerals and water molecules. 

Quality matters!

Minerals that lack life-force, lessens the quality of cellular communication and molecular formation. Resulting in poor information and energy transfer. Water that loses its life force is not hydrating no matter how much you drink.

 Return your water to its natural state with LifeFX Living Water Droplets.

Living Water

Living Water is pure. Living Water is hydrating. Living Water has not been altered in any way, it does not contain chemicals, bacteria or toxic contaminants. It is structured and contains the elements of nature, as intended by nature. Unfortunately most of the drinking water available is highly processed, highly contaminated and does not contain the primordial elements or imprints of nature. 

LifeFX Living Water Droplets contain high potency, primordial minerals that were supposed to be in your water from the very beginning.

Living Water is water as it should be.

When water is Living, it has a harmonic, coherent molecular structure and is electromagnetically charged. It is able to store, revitalise, amplify and transmit information, vibration and energetic frequencies through it’s crystalline structure.

Water that loses these qualities, is considered to be denatured, bulk or ‘dead’ water. Water that loses its life force is not hydrating no matter how much you drink. Our bodies are 99% molecularly water and it is important to consider what state of water you choosing. 

Although in its infancy; progressive research shows that living water contains properties of water in both liquid and ice form. Living water may also be considered as the 4th phase of water, H3O2, structured water and EZ (Exclusion Zone) water. Researchers are coming to a new understanding of what water actually is. Living Water is the next r/evolution of water.



As leading-edge research has shown for over a century, water is programmable. It absorbs and carries frequency. 

The liquid crystalline structure of Living Water is able to absorb energetic frequencies & vibratory information. Ionic minerals in water anchor the life force. Most tap water contains toxic contaminants and even when it has been filtered it may still carry the imprints of pollutants. 

LifeFX Living Water Droplets contain transformative energetic and sound frequencies. 

Water has the capacity to take sound deeply into our vibratory network. It is actually one of the ways Nature intended for us to receive nourishment. 

When LifeFX Living Water Droplets are added to your drinking water, it shares its frequency information with those water molecules, programming it and providing a frequency enhancement to your water. 

The sound frequencies in LifeFX Living Water Droplets have been said to open the heart, to lift the Spirit and to facilitate some into a greater state of conscious awareness. Others have experienced a deep sense of connection and frequency upgrades in addition to the benefits of increased hydration.

Lift Your Life With LifeFX Living Water

LifeFX Living Water Droplets are a tool to assist those who are ready for the ascension process. It allows the formed and unformed toxic energies to move through the physical structure.

Formed toxic energies - the physical toxins with low vibrational resonance
Unformed toxic energies - the emotions and thought forms that keep the frequency of the body vibrating at a lower resonance.

It will allow the old to flow out and set a stage for the new YOU to form. Please be very clear. YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK. The programming, the stories, the old ways of being will begin to become obvious. And in this, you must make choices as to whether these calibrate to the frequency you want to be in the world.

The ascension process is the calibration in your body and being to a new frequency…
… to a new level of existence. One in which the Heart rules, the old structures that govern human existence fall by the wayside and the Truth of YOU shines - that you are one with Self, One with the life forces that surround you and One with the Infinite Creator capacity within. The ascension process is restoring the knowledge within the cells that you truly are the Creator in every way, shape and form.

Zhara, LifeFX Founder and Custodian, provides understanding and tools to assist you in dismantling the old paradigms and programs so that you may restore the Greatness of who YOU are. You can visit her work at www.reunitingwithyou.com

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Simply add 1 ml of LifeFX Living Water Droplets to 1 litre of your current drinking water. With tap water add 2 ml per litre.

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