Bringing Back the Memories of YOU

The gift of intent is a Universal truth that wants to be shared.

The power that you hold with your words, your tone, and your voice goes further than you could possibily imagine…

When you begin to exercise the power of your voice in conjunction with free will, this is when we have the revolution of the century. 

My entire understanding of this reality field is that it has been harnessed by dark forces to keep a slave class functioning as it should - in chains. 

Now that may seem dire, dark, or so far from what your surface reality appears to be that you may leave this blog post now. 

I ask you to stay with me for a minute… what you read may be the key to setting your Self free. 

Reality as we know it is a false front. It is an energetic grid that forms around you at birth to give you the opportunity to go on a ride of a lifetime. You receive a gift to form your world as you choose, as you see fit. 

Now this gift of wonderment came with advances, and it also came with strife. 

The advancement was moving into a third-dimensional existence where we slowed vibration down to a space where we could move from the space-in-between to experience reality in manifest form. No longer would we just create at will from the void, where all possibilities and no possibilities co-exist, we would get to experience a linear loop until we were ready to break free from the ride. 

And we got to PLAY! We created a world where we could enjoy LIFE! We could do as we pleased and become who we chose. We would have the ability to create and explore however we saw fit

This was the gift of creation - expansion into the realms unknown. Explorers on a journey, charting the unknown. What would happen if we pushed this button? What would happen if we pushed that? 

Fast forward decades, centuries, millenia, and we’ve seen the game moved so far from its original state that we no longer recognise who we are. 

We forgot that we are One. We forgot that we have the ability to co-create and move with the Universal waves of creation - the energy streams that create worlds. We forgot that we have the ability to change time loops instantaneously. And we forgot who we are, from the very fundamental to the esoteric truths. 

We are ready to remember as a species and as individual pulsations of rhythm and light. 

You are a light being - encoded in a matrix of lies that you must fight, struggle, and control to survive. 

You are not alone. It is the entire human condition as One because we made it that way. We wanted to see what it would take for us to come out of the chains so we created a playground of duality. 

Welcome to Earth school. 

The time has come though, to put falsities to an end, so we can get back to crafting and weaving as we each please. 

You are the Creator… as am I. Each cell in your body vibrates with this innate truth. It is encoded in your genetic structure - that you are the One, thus capable of anything and everything in existence. 

This is why miracles are co-created with God - the Universal intelligence of all life. This is why you are capable of turning on your own light when you darn well please. This is why you are able to bend over backwards to get something done, finally let it go, and it will birth in its own right. 

Because we are The All - each one an individuated fractal, but each one the same Source. 

So let’s take back the power grid, the first step to eternal truth. 

This is to understand that you are a cellular matrix encoded with rhythm and light.

The sound waves of the Universal fields run through you at all time. However, sometimes the waters get mucky or a bit murky, and it can be hard to see. 

This is why sound waves can also clear it up. Whether that be through conversation with another, resonant sounds from nature, a crystal bowl, musical instruments, or light language and primordial sound. 

This is the rhythm part of the equation.

However, the light… this is the one that requires elevation to a very specific frequency within the Earth’s grids. 

This is the electromagnetic portion of the equation.

This is where you must amplify your soul’s own light enough to shine through the frequency grid that was placed upon the human heart.

There was an agreement at the beginning of time. “We’re all in this together, no matter how far we take this arrangement, we’ll remember who we are. Because of this, we won’t push ourselves to the brink of extinction, we’ll also have the safety mechanism in place to bring ourselves back.” 

We have got to activate the safety mechanism, my friends. We are on the brink of being unable to stop a chain of cataclysmic events that will alter the nature of time itself. 

Bring your Self back to the water. It will calm you and cleanse your soul. Your understanding of the eternal nature of existence will become present as you sit with your Self in solace, in mourning, in grief so that you may understand how you let this game get so far out of hand. 

It was a game, my friends, this form of existence. And yes, we did forget who we are.  

It’s time to wake up to the truth. We are each an individuated aspect of the whole. We are of the same co-creative Source, and in this, we are all things. 

The one that you point the finger at across the street or the Great Divide, they are not wrong. They have just forgotten too. 

The only way to come to the reset that we each need is to gather the strength to step into the street and see your Self for who you are. You are it All. The alpha, the omega, the beginning, the end, the Creator, the created. 

You are capable of miracles because you are the miracle. 

Ka siu na sia nai ah.

May you remember the truth of who you are.

- Zhara J. Mahlstedt

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