HYDRATION: For Energy, Youthing + Immunity Boosting

Hydration is essential for Energy, Youthing + Immunity Boosting

As a Naturopath, the first thing I ensure my clients are doing is drinking plenty of clean, pure, and high-frequency water. It’s amazing how so many of their health issues improve just by making this simple but potent change. I want to highlight here, not just any type of water is healthy and ultra-hydrating.

It simply is not enough to drink any type of water to increase hydration and overall wellness. Many of us have been taught that if we drink enough water, especially filtered or alkaline water, we are hydrating sufficiently, but that's not true. We have been educated to think the more water the better, however, there is so much more to water. The molecular structure and frequency of water matter, but let’s start with why hydration is imperative to our health and wellness.

Why Hydration Is Essential

Hydration is important for a healthy, thriving body and mind. Water delivers oxygen and nutrients to our cells. When we are sufficiently hydrated our immune system is boosted, our skin is clear, toxins are excreted effectively, our brainpower is enhanced, we look and feel younger, nutrients are assimilated, absorbed, and transported throughout our body effectively, our mood is elevated, and we have more energy to do the things we love.

Scientific research indicates we are 99% molecularly water and not just 70% by volume! Therefore, it is not only essential to know if our water is sufficiently hydrating, but we must also be aware of the quality of water we are drinking.

Types of Water

Tap water is horrible for your health on all levels, period. A variety of pollutants are found in tap water, such as fluoride, chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, and many other toxic contaminants.

While filtered water is a much better option than tap water, most filtration systems are only removing the toxic contaminants in your water, to some degree. There are many types of water systems out there to choose from so you must do your research to find one that does the job really well.

It’s important to note, toxins that are smaller than the molecular structure of water, such as some pesticides, will actually pass right through filtration. This means even some of the best filtration will not be producing the cleanest and purest water for you and your family.

In addition, filtered water is not necessarily hydrating water. It is still dead water, also known as bulk water. While it is purer than what you've started with, it can be much better.

Hydration is essential for all processes in the body to work optimally. Water is imperative for immune boosting, energy enhancement, and age prevention. Water boosts our immune system by helping the cells function optimally as well as flush out toxins that suppress the function of our immune system.

Why Living Water?

For the athletes out there, busy bees, and parents who aren’t getting much sleep, our cells use the hydrogen molecules in water to make ATP. ATP creates energy that your cells use to run your body. Ultra-hydration equals ultra-energy. This is one of the reasons I love LifeFX Living Water Droplets. When you add LifeFX to your drinking water, it becomes LIVING. In other words, H3O2. Extra hydrogen and oxygen!

Unless water is H3O2, it is only able to hydrate intra-cellularly to a very, very minimal degree. LifeFX Living Water Droplets actually restructure water by grouping water molecules together in a formation that allows for intra-cellular penetration at a much, much higher rate than filtered water alone.

Intra-cellular hydration is the key to so many wellness benefits including anti-ageing. There are a plethora of expensive products out there claiming to reduce or prevent the signs of ageing. I have a few anti-ageing secrets up my sleeve and I’ll share my biggest one here: Drink plenty of clean, pure, high-frequency water! Lack of hydration causes the skin to form premature wrinkles, so do toxins and not getting enough essential nutrients. Water flushes the cells of toxins and permeates all our cells giving skin a plump, healthy, and dewy look.

At LifeFX Living Water Droplets, we like to say ‘living water in, toxins out.' It is a natural flow of ultra-hydration and ultra-hydration is one of the keys to youthing.

As a Naturopath, I have come across many different solutions for youthing and wellness. Knowing the importance of hydration, LifeFX Living Water Droplets are a foundational tool for wellness that I wholeheartedly believe in and recommend to my clients.

Written by Sahara Valastro
LifeFX Water Warrior + Naturopath