The Living Waters Within

The Living Waters Defined

The living waters are the eternal stream of consciousness that exits and enters existence through your DNA. 

The vessel and storehouse of this information is your physical form, the physical template in which YOU reside. 

Each DNA strand houses the knowledge of all existence. The entire Universe rests within your blood.  

This is the blood of Christ.  

This is the ‘Holy Grail’. 

This is time remembered. 

This is YOU. 

Reclaiming The Living Waters Within         

Once upon a time, we were the living manifestation of God. We remembered our birthright, acted upon it, and knew that we were the incarnation of the Creator. 

The time is returning to reclaim the living waters within. 

Your eternal template sits within the water molecule. Each DNA strand residing within the physical body is a manifestation of the truth that you are not separate from your divinity; you are that divinity in manifest form. 

The coding of your waters will share with you exactly how to remember the truth - that you have a sovereign birthright of joy, love, happiness, and contentment that can be reclaimed at any time. 

As you step into these planes of creation, in which you know you are God, you must return sovereignty to your being in every way, shape and form. 

This is the first step to reclaiming the living waters within. 

Sovereign Blood 

Reclaiming the living waters requires a complete transition of system that you currently find yourselves within. 

You are trapped in a matrix that owns you and decides when you are born and when you die based on an internal process of karma.  

Karma is one of the traps that was established long ago to ensure that the soul would recycle itself time and time again, thinking that it had to learn lessons to find its path.  

The truth is, YOU are the path. 

Restoring sovereignty is a process of remembering who you are.  

The Living Waters Reborn

Once upon a time, we were a great race of people that cared for each other in a way that we don’t find today. We acknowledged that we were the living manifestation of Christ, the realm that allowed the living waters to percolate in whatever shape, form, or manifestation it desired. 

We allowed each other to rage, to storm, to flow, and we were at peace with whichever manifestation was required to rediscover the eternal essence of the truth, that we are all One, and the One accepts All. 

As we reclaim this destiny, to become One with the eternal essence of truth once more, we become aware that the manifestation of the living waters within accepts the individualised form of all who are here. 

Redefining the Blood of Christ

As a nation race, mankind has become more aware of its traumas than its victories and abilities to turn the tide. Mankind has an infinite amount of grace to change its course, if and when, it is ready to rise. 

Each person within this species has an important piece of the dialectic that is to be shared because you each carry a different version of the Christ’s blood. While the entirety of the whole remains the same - that is God, the One and All - each bloodline that runs through you as an individualized piece of consciousness is unique. 

In other words, you each have information to share. Not all life will be active in each piece of DNA coding in each vessel that carries it at this time.  It is awakening at its own rate, in step with the One, and as you each discover what portion you hold, the awakening of the masses will begin to occur. 

You are sharing your genetic differences and similarities with each other as you speak your truth and shine your light into the Universe. 

As you access this light, you access the template of the ‘Holy Grail’ that contains the Christ’s blood. 

Throughout time and history, the Christ’s blood was thought of as an externalised reference to God and divinity. However, you are this blood, this blood is you. 

This blood is the eternal essence of creation as One and is also known as the living waters within.

Holy Wars

The ones who began the Holy Wars long ago decided that the easiest way to keep the people a slave race was to present a distorted illusion that the Christ was an externalised victory to be won. 

Turn them against their own evolution, and you will turn them against each other, thus keeping them in chains and slavery. 

Teach them that their salvation lies outside of the eternal Self, which is the eternal spring within, and the game will continue for eternity.

This is how a race of dominators maintains control. 

Breaking the Status Quo

Remembering who you are as the original ‘fountain of youth’ is an important part of the awakening process for mankind because without this, you maintain the status quo. 

Status quo is the main control mechanism to keep the people in line, and their genetic lineages and differences remain mysteries and unheard. 

Without this silence broken, the status of the species remains unchanged, covered with the veil of silence. 

Recognise it is your time to share the information that is coming to light within your own waters. 

Ending the Fight 

Each member of this species is able to transcend density and reclaim their innate birthright as the Creator of All that Is. 

You are waking up to the fact that you are the One, the eternal, the All. 

And you are waking up to the fact that you already know who you are beyond physical form. 

You are waking up to the fact that regardless of who each being is, they are a part of the whole. 

This is why you are beginning to accept and celebrate differences regardless of what they look like. 

This is an important piece of information to remember as you navigate the upcoming years - each and every piece of creation is a gift.  

So do not deny the shadow aspects of the Self and see the destroyers too, as a version of you.  Only then will you begin to remember your true birthright of overcoming obstacles and transcending separation so that you may put an end to the game of domination on your planet. 

The Particle and the Wave, The Droplet and the Sea

Your physical form is a storehouse of information beyond the greatest computers in the galaxy.  Truly, the means for remembering who you are lie within your DNA. Your DNA is encased within a discus full of water and is also, at its fundamental structure, water itself. 

The waters of all creation lie within each plane of existence, however manifest in different density and form through the various layering of sine waves.  

They are the flows of life in each dimensional reality that we have access to as creator beings and show up in wave and droplet form. In other words, they manifest as conditions allow.

Here on this planet, you can observe this truth presenting as wave and particle existing simultaneously.

See this expression of the nature of reality mirrored in a droplet of water, as it is also the sea. 

When you remove the droplet from the sea, it still contains the memories of the whole. 

Remove a droplet from a droplet, and the memories remain fully intact.

Reconciling Differences 

As you recognise that you are not just the droplet but also the wave, as well as the sea, your differences as a species will be resolved. 

The storehouse of information that is your DNA contains the entirety of history of not just mankind, not just the galactic reaches, but the entire history of the One. 

As we begin to see as the All, we begin to put differences aside. As we begin to put differences aside, we begin to recognise that I am you, and you are me. 

As we begin to see the reflection in the hologram as none other than the Self revealed, we begin to ensure that the true history of mankind’s lineage is restored.

We begin to see the necessity of expression in all its form to evolve as a species and as the One.

Utilising the Power of Water and the Electromagnetic Field

As you begin to reignite the power of the living waters within, recognise that you must cleanse the density that is in your field. 

You are going through an ascension process that requires you to rediscover your identity as the Creator, as the One, and the fields of energy that are netting the Earth and the physical body can impair your memory.

To complete this realisation that is upon you, use the power of the living waters within the Self to allow the soul’s essence to shine, but also take it upon yourself to bathe in the living waters of creeks, streams and oceans that still maintain their innate essence. 

They can assist you in removing the toxic sludge that hangs onto your aura and competes with the real information that is brewing from within.  

Take care of your fields of energy with bursts of light from the sun and amplifying the internal radiance of your core. 

Drink water that has life force and integrity restored.  Water that is clean, revitalised and enhanced with Earth’s electromagnetic charge will help you purge the substances that have clogged the vessel of life.

The Role of Intent

The density that is currently stored within the Earth’s grids make their home within the waters of the planet, but so does the lightness of being that you are. 

So, as you work with water, you will find the ability to achieve any means that you desire. 

First, state your intent. If that intent is of purity it will show up within your blood, and all water that follows suit will take that form. 

If your purity is not up to speed, then altering the waters within and without will take the complication out of the purification process. 

In other words, your intent overrides all on the physical plane. However, your intent is comprised of many living objects that manifest as thought forms and frequency waves that you produce, give off and attract. 

Your subconscious wavelengths and those occurring at a cellular and soul level are also in the mix. 

If you are not clear that the purity of your intent is that solely of the Creator in physical form, then it is advised to use tools, references and resources to come back up to speed. 

Water’s clarification and revitalisation is the perfect place to start. 

Tools for Water Purification and Energetic Information Exchange 

These tools will begin to present themselves in the coming years. Already, many on your planet have received the information required to move forward as a species that remembers the power of your waters. 

First and foremost, purification is the key. You cannot muddy up the streams of intent with distorted information that states that the power of your localised grids exists outside of externalised form. 

In other words, your body is the vehicle and vessel of all life, of all creation and is a physical masterpiece. It can produce and create energy untold, and it has the key components to do so. 

Like putting fuel in a tank to power a vehicle, so must be done for the physical cell. 

Sunlight, sparks of electricity and clarity of intent are the only ingredients to render the masterpiece that you reside within complete. 

Look to the revolutionary leaders of your time and space to gather the information to complete the masterpiece that you are. 

All information required resides within, and sometimes a tap on the shoulder can be a helpful reminder for us all. 

Until we meet again, remember the power of the living waters within and rebirth the template of these waters in physical form. 

-Zhara J. Mahlstedt 

The writing above is a channeled expression of information that has been arriving for years now. 

Over the years, it has been presented in various ways, however, one thing remains intact. We need nothing outside of the Self. 

As we begin to leave the distorted ways of the world behind, purification of the external form is a means to assist the body in the ascension process, as is cleaning up the waters of the Earth Mother. 

As we begin to recognise water’s vital role in the ascension process, we must clean her up in the form of our thoughts, our praises, our love, but also transcending the need for externalised solutions such as filtration and revitalisation processes. 

The truth is we need none of this because we are truly the Creator in physical form.  

(I do not mean to say that as a species we are there yet, and do recommend to clean and revitalise. I share where we are headed as we step forward in our evolutionary process.)

Living in an externalised body, we do need certain components to maintain the integrity of the structure of the physical self as it rebirths into light. 

These components only include a few key ingredients - air, water, earth /soil (which contains metal). Sun / fire is also required, and while ideal, it is not necessarily always feasible to receive from the physical sun. 

You can also receive this light from the appropriate combination of metals from the Earth’s core.

This naturally occurring UV light is present at the bottom of the ocean where vents of volcanic sulfate minerals pour forth where no sunlight is present. Because the light quotient in these minerals is incredibly high, the spark of electricity is present to power the cells of the incredible life forms that make the dark ocean floor their home. 

Vast amounts of life reside at the bottom of the ocean, and we are unaware of the majority of darkness that harbours innately good life.  In the coming years, we will begin to see Mother Earth’s creations from a completely different angle. 

Until then, take care of the power of your waters and reenergise your field with the power of your intent. 

LifeFX Living Water Droplets

For those who would like a physical substance to assist in the ascension process, this same galactic tribe that shares the information that minerals, light and water are the oppressors and suppressors worst nightmare, presented me with an earth mineral in primordial form. It does all of the above - re-sparks the engines within the cells, clean the unnatural contaminants, breathes life into the air that is inherently within the water molecule, and reminds the physical form of its own innate essence. 

I have been working with it in drinking water for a handful of years, have been learning from those who have been studying for over two decades and now am embarking upon a series of videos showing what it can do in environmental remediation situations. 

Because health claims are off limit in this current climate, I present the information around drinking water in a very limited way. However, please know that the original spark of information that lies within your cells gets a reboot as you ingest these highly mineralised and restructured waters.  

As you cleanse your waters, you, of course, are in control of your destiny. All they are doing is tapping you on the shoulder with a reminder. 

You can learn more about these minerals and purchase on my sister website, lifefxlivingwater.com 

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